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Step 2 : Design

Time to get creative... Paintwork design can vary massively, from a single colour, to precise restoration, right the way through to a full custom paint scheme. Once we get a rough idea of the type of scheme you would like, we will give you an estimation of cost. If that's all good then it's time to refine those ideas with a paint consultation, either face to face or video call, messaging, whatever works best for you. Following this we will provide you with a full quote for the work and an estimate on lead time. 


Step 3 : Booking


 Let's do this... To book a paint slot, we just ask for a small non-refundable deposit (normally £50). You can then have the next available slot or one further in the future. We give a good estimate on lead time, however sometimes we get a delay or there may be a chance to bring it forward; we will always keep you updated.

Step 4 : Time to Paint

Now for the good bit... If we haven't already, we will get in touch about 2 weeks before your start date to finalise design (yep, it often changes, and that's no problem!) We can then arrange a time for you to drop off your project or wait for it to arrive in the post. After that, sit back and relax while we get to work! We will keep you up to date but don't worry if you don't hear from us for a bit; these things take time. We aim to get most projects completed within 4-5 weeks, however if it needs to, we would rather take a little bit longer to ensure you get the awesome finish you are after.


Step 1 : Getting Started

Let's talk...the first step towards your custom paintwork is to get in touch; the best way is to drop us an email with details of what you would like painted, including the make, model, material and any design ideas you have in mind. Photos, sketches, links are all useful, however, we understand that you may not know your design yet. Don't worry, we're here to help guide you through the design process, types of paints, effects, and what may be suitable, to ensure you get an awesome custom finish that suits you. If you just want an initial chat then no problem, please do pick up the phone and give us a call; we can discuss any queries you may have.


Step 5 : All Done

Once your project is complete, we will send you some photos/video, and then arrange collection or return postage to you. Please note that full payment must be received before your project can leave the workshop. We accept most forms of payment, including credit and debit card. 

We also offer a full clean, strip and rebuild service to take all the hassle away, don't forget to ask when getting a quote!


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