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FRAME WEIGHT : 6.3lb / 2.85kg



We've taken the unparalleled suspension action, gloriously sleek design and sweet spot geometry of the Highlander, slackened it slightly, and switched it up to 150mm of smooth, responsive travel. 

The Highlander 140 is designed to be the world's most capable do-it-all trail bike, as happy on all-day back-country epics as carving turns at the bike park. The Highlander 150 shifts the focus a little - with that extra 10mm of travel and subtle geometry tweaks, it's rowdier with more of a descent focus, and can take the big stuff a little harder - whilst still being a great all round machine.

The Highlander 150 doesn't just have more travel - the head angle is kicked back to 65 degrees for a little more high-speed stability and confidence when the going gets super steep. Additionally, the suspension leverage curve is more progressive which lends the Highlander 150 to coil or high volume air shocks.


Deviate's high pivot point, and the careful idler placement, mean the suspension performance on the Highlander is the best of all possible worlds. The rearward axle path lets the bike flow over rough terrain, and as the idler location controls anti-squat, the Highlander has negligible kick back and a deliberate anti-squat curve which eliminates pedal-induced suspension bob. The unique kinematics of a high pivot point design maintains chassis stability and geometry under heavy braking, meaning aggressive riding is rewarded. 


Take the Highlander 140 for a nimble, trail-carving fun machine which still has the chops for some spicy stuff - or opt for the Highlander 150 for a bigger hitting rig, at home on the most technical of enduro tracks - but still makes you smile on the ups.

Anyone who already owns a Highlander 140 can change it up to a Highlander 150 and vice-versa by simply swapping out the rocker link - making the world's most capable trail bike even more versatile. The Highlander 150 is still running 29" wheels and retains the Highlander's signature balance of stability and playfulness. 


All frames are available to buy on a pre-order basis in factory finish black, skye blue or sunset yellow.  We also offer a custom paint option along with anything from a set of pedals to a full custom build. Take a look at our CUSTOM DEVIATE page.

FRAME ONLY £2400 (limited stock)






To discuss yours and check availability please get in touch here 

  • How much does custom paint cost, and how do I get a quote?"
    Due to the nature of custom paintwork, all of our work is quoted individually. As an idea, the paintwork for most frames varies between £450-750, but there is no upper limit! The best way to start the process is to send us an email with as much information as you can about what you would like to have painted (make, model, material) along with any design and colour ideas you might have. We will then get in touch to discuss your requirements and once we have enough info we will be happy to put a quote together for you. There is no commitment required at this stage.
  • Help! I know I want a bespoke custom paint scheme but I have no idea what I want..
    Don't worry, this is quite common! We are here to help guide you through the design process and the many awesome paint options available to you. Our job isn't just to paint, it's also to ensure that you get the custom finish that suits you.
  • Can I drop in for a chat?
    Yes, absolutely! We offer face to face design consultations and love to talk through projects with our customers. As painting is time-critical, please do get in touch to arrange an appointment; we want to be able to give you our full attention.
  • How do I book in my project?
    Once we have discussed your design and you receive a quote, we then just ask for a small non-refundable deposit (normally £50) to secure a paint slot. This can be paid by BACS, cash or Card
  • Can I post my project to you?
    Yes. A large proportion of our work is conducted by post, allowing us to work with customers throughout the UK and beyond. We just ask that when you send your project to us, please send it with plenty of protective wrapping and a large enough box as we will send in back in the same box.
  • How long does it take?
    This depends a lot on what is being painted. However, we aim to turn most bike frames around within 4-5 weeks. We will keep you updated during the process but would always rather it took a bit longer if needed, to ensure you get the best finish. If you have a specific deadline do let us know during quoting/booking and we can plan work accordingly.
  • What can you paint?
    Pretty much anything that fits in our paint booth! Whilst we specialise in all things bike, if it can be painted we will paint it! Other projects we have worked on include a model racing yacht, a Harley Davidson tank and fenders, a wind vane, bottles and signs.
  • What paint do you use?
    We solely use wet spray automotive and custom paints as these are the best for stencil and custom design work, offering the best finish. There are loads of great paints we can use from standard solid and metallic colours, to pearl, candy, flip/chameleon and metal flake, to name a few; often combining them and using different techniques for the most exciting effects.
  • Do you use vinyl decals?
    Generally we try to use only paint, opting to create our own stencil work in house always gives the best finish. However we do understand that particular restorations and projects require decals and can look at these on an individual basis, so please get in touch to discuss.
  • How do I prepare my bike?
    If you are prepping your own bike frame then we ask that it is fully stripped of all hardwear including bottom bracket, headset cups and bearings, and cleaned (including degrease) by yourself. However, we do offer a full strip and rebuild service so please just ask when discussing your project.
  • Will having a custom paint job void my warranty?
    In most cases yes, and we think it's really important to be aware of this. However, we can currently paint Santa Cruz, Deviate, Pivot and Red Chilli frames along with ENVE components without voiding the warranty. We are always looking to add more brands to this list though, so if you have a warranty with another brand please do not hesitate to contact us and we will happily make the relevant enquiries on your behalf.
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